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My take is overly simplistic for most people. The world encompasses people, places and things. Everything breaks down; blows up; falls apart or wears out. Temporality is not The Cause of any of this. A boulder embodies inertia and a) does not move unless it is moved by something that overcomes its' inertia, or b) breaks down, blows up; falls apart or wears out. Postmodernism, as a way of talking, is neither malignant nor benign of itself. If it were to somehow change the current direction of annihilation with which we are faced, I would say bravo. Time, or as I prefer, temporality, is an economic necessity more than anything else. The way we spend it determines our worth and how much of that worth we can realize. Finally, Freud's notion of an unconscious was contradiction, prima facie. Searle said, roughly, the same thing. Make of postmodernism what you will. The Pope has the interests, preferences and motives of the Church at heart---no one can expect less from him.

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