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Daily Philosophy is an online philosophy magazine, publishing original articles and interviews you won’t find anywhere else.

Our mission is to make philosophy useful for everyday life without sacrificing its classic beauty and depth. Therefore, you will not find yet another article from a nobody about productivity or motivation here, like there are thousands already on the Internet. Instead, here we will together study the real thing: the original thinkers from the millennia-long history of thought and their world-changing ideas, sometimes in their own words, but often also explained by world-class writers and philosophers you can trust.

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Philosophy is not something that is only of interest to professors behind closed university doors. Philosophy is what we all do when we ask questions like: What is the right thing to do in this situation? Is there a God? Is it right to love a criminal? And, the most important of all: What is the meaning of our short, human life, and how can we live happily and with dignity?

Philosophers have been asking questions like these for thousands of years, and have found some pretty good answers (and more questions). Rather than listening to self-proclaimed lifestyle gurus and social influencers, who only repeat their ‘insights’ second-hand, everyone can go back to the real, deep sources of wisdom that are freely available to everyone, and that have inspired and advised people throughout the ages.

Daily Philosophy makes that easier, by bringing you the real wisdom of the ages to your mailbox or your browser. Get a weekly roundup of philosophical wisdom, enjoy a quick lunchtime thought, or spend a quiet hour enjoying the timeless calm and consolation of real philosophical thought, in a way that is understandable to everyone.

That has always been the real mission of philosophy: to provide guidance and help to everyone, not only to academic philosophers.

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Dr Andreas Matthias is a philosophy professor and internationally recognised expert in artificial intelligence ethics. Before robot ethics was a thing, he published his PhD dissertation “Automata as subjects of rights” (in German: Logos, Berlin, 2008). Since then he has been teaching philosophy with a focus on AI, ethics, the philosophy of happiness and the philosophy of love at a Hong Kong university, has been a keynote speaker at international conferences, and has published numerous scholarly papers on various philosophical subjects (you can find a complete list at andreasmatthias.com). His most recent books are “Live Happier with Aristotle” (2021) and “Neural Networks Without the Math” (2018), an introduction to neural networks for the non-specialist. He has been publishing articles on daily-philosophy.com for the past few years.

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Lecturer in Philosophy, specialising in robot ethics and the social implications of AI. Author of multiple books and scholarly papers.