Mar 29, 2021 • 19M

DP 015: Who was Aristotle?

Not all who wander are lost

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Daily Philosophy:

Dear friends of Daily Philosophy,

Here’s another audio version of the article with the same title. I hope you enjoy it. This Monday I’ll have to skip the regular article, because I’ve been working full-time on the new website at, which will go online tomorrow. I hope that this recording, together with yesterday’s eclipse piece, might be a small consolation for the missing article. We’ll get a new one on Wednesday, when the new site will be up and running.

From the attached recording:

Every human life is a collection of experiences, moments, images. A product of the books, stories, places and people that shaped the person. And the work can never be separated from the man as neatly as some histories of philosophy pretend. Life and work form a whole, and in order to understand the one, we always also have to look at the other. This is never so clear as it is with philosophers. Not dependent on observation or experiment for their theories, philosophers are freer than other academics to shape their theories to follow the contours of their own personalities.…

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